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This one day seminar will show you how to improve your skills as a manager or supervisor of work groups and teams no matter what your current level. Today's hectic work environment requires leadership at all levels. Actions of managers and supervisors are scrutinized not only by their bosses, but also more and more by their subordinates. Superior technical skills in whatever you do are no longer enough to carry the day. You must also have superior management and supervisory skills to get and stay ahead. The challenges managers and supervisors face today are numerous and complex. What kind of leadership is necessary in today's environment? Why don't all age groups respond the same way? What does my personality have to do with managing and supervising? What is emotional intelligence and how can I develop it to build better relationships with management, staff and customers? How can I make certain my directions are followed and objectives met in a timely and effective manner? These are just a few of the issues this intensive seminar will address.

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Course Objectives

Understand the difference between managing and leading people

  • Effectively delegate to achieve desired results
  • Understand the generations in the workforce
  • Learn the impact of your personality style
  • Learn to use emotional intelligence concepts and techniques to create positive outcomes for you, subordinates and customers
  • Improve communications skills
  • Understand the impact of feedback types
  • Learn to cope with and lead through constant change
  • Build an action plan for future growth

Who should attend?

Current and/or prospective managers and supervisors who wish to improve their leadership skills in the workplace.

Course Outline

Module One: Managing vs. Leading

In this module we will look at the difference between managing and leading people by looking at what the experts have learned through decades of research. You will discover that leadership transcends position and is the responsibility of every member of your organization. Leadership is closely intertwined with management and there is no zero point on the leadership continuum.

  • Defining Management
  • Defining Leadership
  • Leadership Practices
  • Leadership is Inside Out
  • There is no Leadership Zero Point

Module Two: Delegation

One of the hardest things new managers and supervisors have to deal with is learning to effectively delegate. A major difficulty comes with letting go of doing the work you do so well and confidently assigning it to others. In this module we will examine the ups, downs, and risks of delegation. We will also address why delegating work is so important for you, your organization, and the employee. The tools you learn will help ensure a successful delegation, and simultaneously build trust and confidence in your team.

  • Why You Don't Do More of It
  • The Impact of Not Delegating
  • The Impact of Delegating
  • How to Effectively Delegate
  • The Four Levels of Delegation

Module Three: Workforce Generations

Workplace diversity is one of the biggest challenges with which all managers and supervisors must deal. This module addresses the approaches different work generations take towards the work environment. Why does it seem that some people live to work and others work to live? The loyalty of today's younger workers is much different than that of the people who are approaching retirement. History and upbringing has shaped the workplace into four stereotyped generations, and understanding the differences will help you manage and supervise your diverse teams more effectively.

  • What are the Four Generations
  • What Shapes their Work Outlook
  • What are the Different Loyalties

Module Four: Personality Style

Have you noticed that some people like to keep to themselves and others always want to interact with everyone? Have you noticed that some people like to know all the details of a job assignment before they start and others just want to know the bare minimum? And have you ever caught yourself asking, "Why can't these people be more like me?" This module examines the diversity different personality styles bring to our teams. With some very simple approaches you will be able to identify basic differences and draw on the strengths each personality style brings to your teams.

  • Four Basic Personality Styles
  • Why Everyone Can't Be Like Me

Module Five: Communications

If you ever played the game telephone when you were a kid, you know how mixed up a message can get going from person to person. It's funny when you're young. It's not funny now that you're in business. How does a message lose its meaning and/or get radically changed as it goes from person to person? Most of the time it comes from assuming that what we said was perfectly understood and not open to interpretation. In the module we will analyze this phenomenon and develop strategies to prevent the problem.

  • Transmission Model of Communications
  • Communications Feedback: Assertive or Aggressive
  • Emotional Intelligence

Module Six: Performance Feedback

It has been said that up to half of the non-performance issues in the workplace are a result of feedback issues: either employees are not getting the right kind of feedback, or they are not getting any feedback at all. It may turn out that some of the feedback you are giving, with the very best of intentions, is actually reinforcing the behavior you do not want. In this module we will look at feedback modes for good and poor performance which result in desired and undesired consequences.

  • Good Performance vs. Poor Performance
  • Desired vs. Undesired Consequences
  • The Feedback Modes That Work

Module Seven: Dealing with Change

If there is one thing you can count on in today's high-tech world, it is change. And it seems to be coming faster and faster. How do you lead people through the required changes in our work environments so that we stay competitive? What do you do if your boss or the organization is reluctant to change? We will discuss these issues in this module and then pay particular attention to the impact the associated stress is having on you and everyone around you.

  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Dealing With the Boss/Organization That Won't/Can't Change
  • Stress: A Major Productivity Killer

Module Eight: Action Plans

  • Your Custom Plan to Improvement


A sincere desire to improve skills as a manager or supervisor and a willingness to apply the methods learned.


One day

  • Morning session: 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
  • Lunch (on your own): 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
  • Afternoon session: 12:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

There will be a fifteen minute break in the morning and afternoon sessions.

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